Labarake – Beautiful location in Rosemont

Labarake is a restaurant in Vieux-Rosemont located in the old Angus Shops firehouse. I was a bit skeptical driving through seemingly endless streets in residential zones, but when I finally arrived, it was a pleasant surprise! Labarake is right next to a Loblaws and there was plenty of parking around. The restaurant itself was beautiful with exposed brick walls and high ceilings. The weather was too cold for sitting outside, but there is a spacious terrasse that could be a perfect spot to sip on some cocktails during summer.

Surprisingly, Labarake have $1 oysters from 5pm on Sunday – Wednesday at the bar (this means you’ll have to sit at the bar to eat their oysters). Of course we ordered some! Malpeque oysters are quite common in the supermarkets but they are very delicious!

The cocktails are superb and quite strong actually. They are tasty at first and then the alcohol kicks in. My friend ordered Emmielle which is fruity and refreshing. And I picked Bloody Marin from the caesar section because it comes with an oyster. 🙂 There is a bloody caesar served with bacon called Bloody Carnivore. Hmmm maybe I’ll try that next time!

For the main dish, we ordered braised beef and duck. I personally prefer the braised beef because it’s tender and melts in the mouth. However, both dishes are a little bit plain and could use a bit more complexity in the taste.

Thanks to Labarake for a great tasting experience. It’s a beautiful location in a quiet neighborhood and could be great for special events or parties. I’d head back during the summer to try out their terrasse. 🙂

Labarake - Oysters
Labarake – Oysters
Labarake - Duck
Labarake – Duck
Labarake - Braised beef
Labarake – Braised beef


3165 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal, Québec H1W 1A3

(514) 521-0777

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$1 Oysters in Montreal – 2014 edition

I love oysters and I cannot lie! So what’s better than slurping on $1 oysters that won’t break my wallet (or my nails when shucking)?


Here’s a list of the cheap oysters spots I know about so far. Let me know if you’ve discovered new great spots, or have found out one of the places no longer offers $1 oysters.

Disclaimer: Lots of the oyster specials are seasonal. So it’s better to call the restaurant and confirm that they still have the special on the day of your visit!


1. La BĂȘtise

6015 Saint Hubert St, Montreal, QC H2S2L8

(514) 274-8288

$1 Oyster Mondays

I just covered this last week. The food was delicious!


2. Cartel Streetfood Bar

101 Fairmount West Montreal, QC H2T2M4

(514) 564-9996

$1 Oyster Wednesdays with a purchase of $5 sparkling wine

I went there last year. The oysters were delicious but it took forever to arrive. 😩 You’ve been warned. Order a couple dozens the minute you sit down to make sure they arrive fast!


3. Bier Markt

1221, boul René-Lévesque , Montréal, Québec, H3G 1T1

514 864 7575

$1 Oyster Every Monday to Thursday from 5PM to 8PM


4. Lawrence

5201 blvd St Laurent, Montréal

514 503 1070

$1 Oyster Happy hour 5:30-7:00 pm on weekdays


5.  Le North End

5800 de la Roche

514 507 6678

$1 Oyster Sundays


6. Globe

3455 Boulevard St-Laurent Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T6

(514) 284-3823

$1 Oyster Thursdays


7. Flyjin

417 rue St-Pierre, Vieux-Montréal

514 564-8881

$1 Oyster Wednesdays


8. Bar Mme Lee

151 Rue Ontario Est, Montréal, QC H2X 1H5


Mme Lee

$1 Oyster Tuesdays