Zoe’s Food truck

Zoe’s food truck mostly serves big portion delicious sandwiches!


I tried their Sloppy Jane sandwich ($8) the other day and it was amazing!

It’s filled with minced hamburger meat with chili and coleslaw. Nom!

There’s so much filling inside that after eating the sandwich I still had a meal’s worth of meat and chili left.


Zoe's food truck - Sloppy Jane
Zoe’s food truck – Sloppy Jane

Au Pied de Cochon Food Truck

I don’t need to say how much I love food trucks (even though most of them are overpriced). It’s just an unassuming and fun experience.

Au Pied de cochon is one of my favorite restaurant and food truck. Their sugar shack is to die for, and I loved the pork donut from last year’s truck.

However, when I went back this year, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t as WOW as the offerings I tried before.

The main menu item has switched to Brioche Cochon. It’s basically a hotdog with pork inside. So can I call it a hotpig? 🙂 And the complementing dessert is a banana split, with 3 different flavors of ice cream in a bun.

Both are quite filling. But the flavor is just a bit flat… Maybe I should be bold and try the foie gras filling?


Brioche Cochon and Banana split
Brioche Cochon and Banana split


Can I have the pork donut back please?

Grumman ’78 – Montreal Food Truck

Grumman '78 Truck
Grumman ’78 Truck

I might be biased, but a lot of people would agree that the return of the food trucks is one of the best things that happened to Montreal food scene this year. After last year’s roaring success of the food truck test run, this year the trucks will be back in full force starting from June 20.

Grumman ’78 has been famous for being one of the pioneers in Montreal food truck movement. And the concept of gourmet food truck seems to go a long way.

Some may argue that the gourmet aspect has brought the price of the food trucks up. But I wouldn’t complain about the absolutely delicious food that may be even hard to match in restaurants.


Anyways, let’s look at the yummy tacos Grumman has cooked up! (Taken from last year’s just for laughs festival but they are pretty consistent year after year)

The tacos are small and most people would need 2-3 to fill their stomach. But it’s a good excuse to try all the flavors!

Pork Banh Minh Taco
Pork Banh Minh Taco
Beef Taco with hibiscus juice
Beef Taco with hibiscus juice
Pork taco and Curry lamb taco
Pork taco and Curry lamb taco



Grumman ’78

To find the trucks, you’ll have to follow them on Twitter or facebook. 😛