Antep Kabab – Addictive Turkish Cuisine

Antep Kabab is a small Turkish restaurant located near Concordia University. They have the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had in Montreal! Every time I pass by the neighborhood, I can’t resist the urge to drop in and get a sandwich to go. At $6.50 each, it’s a steal!

The restaurant bakes their own bread that is soft and chewy on the inside with plenty of air, and slightly crispy outside. The meat is grilled to perfection and just the right amount of charcoal. They have the option of chicken, beef, and lamb. But chicken is definitely my favorite. It’s flavorful and not dry at all.

If you can eat spicy food, ask for some spice in the sandwich. It makes the taste so much better. But beware,┬áit’s REALLY spicy.

When I’m feeling like a piglet, I’d order their platter with extra bread (because just half a bread is certainly not enough!).

Antep Kabab - Chicken Sandwich
Antep Kabab – Chicken Sandwich
Antep Kabab - Platter
Antep Kabab – Platter


Antep Kabab

1626 de Maisonneuve Ouest Montreal

(514) 903-7979
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