Mimi La Nuit – New Bar & Restaurant in Old Montreal

Mimi La Nuit is a new bar & restaurant opened at the old location of Le Piano Rouge. The whole place is renovated is a very cool spot to spend a night. It’s mainly a bar with delicious cocktails and nice wine selection. Even though food is not their main focus, the few dishes we have tried are innovative and delicious. The portions are bigger than I have expected as well!

Mimi La Nuit - Oysters with Vodka!
Mimi La Nuit – Oysters
with Vodka!

Their oysters are served with tiny squeeze bottles of vodka (yes, it’s real vodka! Not as strong as your regular shots but you can definitely feel the drops you put on the oyster), fresh lemon juice and home made hot sauce. There’s also a sauce that you can serve with the little lime slice spoons. Very cute!

Mimi La Nuit - Prosciutto with Brussel Sprouts
Mimi La Nuit – Prosciutto with Brussel Sprouts
Mimi La Nuit - Lamb Collar Taco
Mimi La Nuit – Lamb Collar Taco

The lamb collar taco is probably my favorite. It’s served with chucks of lamb, sauce which tastes like mustard based, coleslaw and soft warm tortillas. I enjoyed the process of assembling my own tacos. The lamb meat fell off the bone and the coleslaw really brought out the taste of the whole dish.

Mimi La Nuit - Fish and Vegetables
Mimi La Nuit – Fish and Vegetables

If you are looking for a nice night out in Old Montreal, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Mimi La Nuit. They are in the process of renovating the second floor as well and it will be a dance floor/event venue. Look forward to that! 🙂

Mimi La Nuit
22 Rue Saint Paul Est
Montréal QC H2Y1G3
(514) 507-5449

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Majestique – Trendy Oyster Bar

Majestique is a cute late-night resto bar that fits perfectly in Plateau with its quirky decor and interesting menu choices. Of course, it’s also a great place to get some delicious oysters when other restaurants have closed their kitchens.


We were feeling adventurous and tried seasnails and horse tartare! This is definitely not my regular diet.

Seasnails taste very much like French escargot, except that it’s slightly more chewy with a texture that’s similar to some clams. It’s prepared with garlic, oil, and seaweed for a twist. If you like regular snails, you’ll appreciate this as well!

Majestique - Seasnails
Majestique – Seasnails

I’ve only heard about horse sashimi in Japan. This was the first time I tried horse meat, and raw on top of that! The horse tartare is mixed with melons and did not taste too strong at all. I would have believed it to be beef tartare. This is just my curiosity taking over and wanting to try new things…

Majestique - Horse Tartare
Majestique – Horse Tartare

The variety of oysters are dependant on the season/market. I’m an incompetent food blogger and did not take down the name… But the waiters are very friendly and they will be able to explain in detail about the taste and where they are from if you need any help choosing.

The oysters are of course delicious! In additional to the normal lemon and vinaigrette, there’s also homemade hot sauce available. It’s stronger than Tabasco so take it easy! 😛

Majestique - Oysters
Majestique – Oysters

Majestique seems to be very popular with long line ups around dinner hour. So go there either early or late (after 10pm) to get your fix of oysters (or other unusual fares on the menu). 🙂



4105 Saint Laurent Blvd

Montreal, QC H2W1Y7

(514) 439-1850
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