Nudo is one of my go-to cheap eats spot in Chinatown. The price is under $10 for one bowl of noodles. Of course it’s a typical Chinatown restaurant and you can’t expect fancy decor or presentation. But the food is well worth the money!

They specializes in pulled noodle made by pulling the dough many times into thin noodles.

I love their noodle because the soup is so flavourful, and the noodles are just the right amount of chewy. The marinated vegetable on top of the noodles also adds to the overall deliciousness.


My typical order is a small dish of edamame to start. Then the usual braised beef noodle soup. Yum!

Nudo - Edamame and marinated vegetables
Nudo – Edamame and marinated vegetables
Nudo - Braised beef noodle
Nudo – Braised beef noodle soup



1055 St Laurent Boulevard Montreal, QC H2Z1J6

(514) 508-9636

They have another location in Eaton center food court, with the chef pulling the noodles in the booth as well!

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